2011-12-14 10-57-29_0041Rob would like to show you some of the different types of things, and characters he has done and created. You will see in these pictures just a few of the many sides of his entertainment capabilities. He transforms himself into W.C. Fields, Alfred Hitchcock, Oliver Hardy, Santa, Easter Bunny, Bernie Blumfeld (the Typical Tourist) Winston Churchill, Statue of Liberty, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Mr. Monopoly, A Zombie who’s a real dead beat, Big Julie (from Guys and Dolls) a Key Stone Cop, A very special Genie, Cupid, Bacchus God of Wine, and even doing Magic with Mickey at Disney to name a few. See how many you recognize and see what other characters you can spot. Rob has figured in his 60 years + he has done and created over 700 different personalities. Some time it’s hard to tell who is who at the Labby household.