7 When Rob was younger he was a part of the BOZO family in both Houston Texas and also in New Orleans Louisiana. Doing a daily,  5 days a week, hour long live Kids show – BOZO’S BIG TOP –  in both markets. Rob, as BOZO made many personal appearances at Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Grand openings and nursing homes etc. as well as the daily show. He loved to do these appearances a lot. He created big smiles and lots of laughter in both the young and the young at heart. BOZO was known for his 5innovative style of entertainment and progressive teaching abilities. Since the show was live daily BOZO ( Rob ) had to create shows that dealt with safety, learning, animals and much more. Even though the show was only an hour long lots of time and energy went into that hour on the TV screen. It sometimes made for a 12 hour work day. Each show was a challenge and with 100 kids live in the studio each day he never knew what would happen next. BOZO as well as Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, Mr. Rogers, etc. 6became Icon’s in America and created a lot of the formative, positive, principals and ideas that are used today in Children’s Television and entertainment. The nice part was that you were BOZO during the day and could remove the façade and then you were just Rob again. Rob even today still loves to see the smiles that come from his CLOWNING around.