22Rob always had an interest in the art and entertainment value of Escape Magic. When he was a young man living in Tampa he had the great fortune to meet and work with a kind generous and talented older gentleman named Noel Lester. Noel said he was in his 80’s when he and Rob met but I’m sure he was older than that. He had worked with Houdini and was a Master Magician and Escape Artist himself. Rob was tutored by Noel and this created an even deeper love of the Magical Escape Arts. Rob always wanted to do something magical and dangerous that no one else had done. Well due to Charlie and Jane Bramble of Orlando Florida who had seen him trying and accomplishing something they had never seen before, they wrote the National Television Show “ You Asked For It” staring Rich21 Little to see if Rob could repeat a very difficult and dangerous stunt they say him do at the Florida State Fair. Well as it happened the show did contact Rob. In a matter of 2 months they came to Tampa to film the never before accomplished Hot Air Balloon Straight Jacket Escape. Here are some of the photos taken at the beginning when he was practicing, when he escaped under a Crain, and finally his Death Defying Escape under the Balloon World Hot air Balloon. He accomplished something that would have made Noel proud, and did something no one else had done or has done since. By the way did we tell you that Rob Is afraid of heights?