Welcome to the AMAZING ROB

See here a life full of diversity with many talents. Rob Labby the Entertainer | Comedy In The Style of Benny Hill, Jackie Gleason & W.C. Fields



a01a03Rob has appeared at:
Wisconsin State Fair
Florida State Fair
Holiday Inns Nationwide
Disney Convention Shows
Sea World
Circus World
Universal Studios
Comedy Clubs from New York to California
Magic Castle L.A. etc



3Some of Rob’s clients:
General Electric Mattel Toys
Special Olympics
American Federation of Bankers
Eastern Airlines
Disney World FL Regal Boats
Page Avjet Corp.
Red Lobster
Enterprise Leasing
Champion TV And many Rental

more businesses, professional & social organization





7 When Rob was younger he was a part of the BOZO family in both Houston Texas and also in New Orleans Louisiana. Doing a daily,  5 days a week, hour long live Kids show – BOZO’S BIG TOP –  in both markets. Rob, as BOZO made many personal appearances at Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Grand openings and nursing homes etc. as well as the daily show. He loved to do these appearances a lot. He created big smiles and lots of laughter in both the young and the young at heart. BOZO was known for his 5innovative style of entertainment and progressive teaching abilities. Since the show was live daily BOZO ( Rob ) had to create shows that dealt with safety, learning, animals and much more. Even though the show was only an hour long lots of time and energy went into that hour on the TV screen. It sometimes made for a 12 hour work day. Each show was a challenge and with 100 kids live in the studio each day he never knew what would happen next. BOZO as well as Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, Mr. Rogers, etc. 6became Icon’s in America and created a lot of the formative, positive, principals and ideas that are used today in Children’s Television and entertainment. The nice part was that you were BOZO during the day and could remove the façade and then you were just Rob again. Rob even today still loves to see the smiles that come from his CLOWNING around.



Rob Dreamed of being a “Genie” on the Florida Space Coast. Here is the proof that DREAMS can come TRUE. Back a number of years and a big number of pounds I had the honor to co-star with Major Healy ( Bill Daily ) in a video for the Space Coast of Florida and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. They were making a video to promote the attractions and fun life style of the Florida Space Coast. I was lucky enough to be picked to play opposite Bill Daily and to take the place of Jeanie ( Barbra Eden ) in one of the famous I Dream of Jeanie bottles.  To be honest no one can take the place of the one and only Jeanie.  Rob had to learn a lot doing the video especially how to Blink a Wish. Rob wished he could have had blinked off about 200 pounds. Rob had a fun time making the videos. One distributed worldwide for the travel industry and travel TV and one that played at the Space Center for several years. It also won several awards. Bill is a true professional and a heck of a nice guy. Rob learned a lot from him that helped him later doing videos. Hope you have as much fun watching it as they did making it.


Here are 3 more fun Video clips of only one of Robs shows. It will give you a visual idea of some of the ways Rob makes his audience become an intricate part of his act. It also shows the way he interacts with some of his beautiful assistants. Rob also gets all tied up in his MAGIC and tries again to give away $1,000 dollars to 2 strong guys in the audience. He also shows how he works with the F,B,I. to create a shocking end to one of its operatives. He turns a very plain old lady into a,  well you have to see it for yourself. If your under 18 you might want to ask your parents if your allowed to watch. He truly does have something to amuse, amaze, and even making you laugh till cry.

Laugh, chuckle, smile, and grin is not a new law firm but a way that Rob likes to leave his audience. As Rob says he does not consider himself a Comic, Clown, Actor, Dancer, or Magician but an entertainer who loves what he does and tries to show it by taking his audience into a special place where troubles are forgotten and for a few moments everything as it is supposed to be. Fun Fun Fun


Rob had a GREAT time performing on the Costa Fortuna. Not only was it one of the most memorable cruises but I venture to say the most fun cruise he was on. The evening was in a Roman theme. Thank heaven that Rob didn’t get thrown to the lions for his performance. The Cruise director and staff were very professional and willing to help. It was a True pleasure working with them. The whole cruise was wonderful and he can personally recommend the Costa lines to you for your next or first cruise


Here are a few of the clips that were taken on the Ruby Princess cruise from Venice to Ft. Lauderdale in 2010. This was an impromptu show done for one of the groups that were sailing also back to Ft. Lauderdale. Rob is always ready to create smiles, so when asked to do a show he was ready to go. Please check out all the video clips on the site. I know you will get a smile or two from them. No matter where Rob is or where Rob goes he is always ready to entertain. If you ever meet him in your travels Please say Hi. He always loves to meet new and old friends. He hopes you have as much fun watching these clips as he did making them.

This as you may have guessed is “BLANCHE “ Rob’s Evil, Ugly, Twin stepsister. She always wanted to get into Politics or showbiz and here is an example of her combining both with the skill of a Donkey or Elephant. She did this video some time ago when the Gas prices were going through the roof. She wasn’t a big BUSH fan either. Her motto was stupidity comes in all sizes, shapes, Genders and political parties. As you can tell she is living proof of this fact. She has haunted Rob all his life and I’m sure won’t stop now. Beware; you never know when she will appear next. He doesn’t.


Rob in a show in Vienna, Austria


22Rob always had an interest in the art and entertainment value of Escape Magic. When he was a young man living in Tampa he had the great fortune to meet and work with a kind generous and talented older gentleman named Noel Lester. Noel said he was in his 80’s when he and Rob met but I’m sure he was older than that. He had worked with Houdini and was a Master Magician and Escape Artist himself. Rob was tutored by Noel and this created an even deeper love of the Magical Escape Arts. Rob always wanted to do something magical and dangerous that no one else had done. Well due to Charlie and Jane Bramble of Orlando Florida who had seen him trying and accomplishing something they had never seen before, they wrote the National Television Show “ You Asked For It” staring Rich21 Little to see if Rob could repeat a very difficult and dangerous stunt they say him do at the Florida State Fair. Well as it happened the show did contact Rob. In a matter of 2 months they came to Tampa to film the never before accomplished Hot Air Balloon Straight Jacket Escape. Here are some of the photos taken at the beginning when he was practicing, when he escaped under a Crain, and finally his Death Defying Escape under the Balloon World Hot air Balloon. He accomplished something that would have made Noel proud, and did something no one else had done or has done since. By the way did we tell you that Rob Is afraid of heights?